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Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman Norman Schureman keynote presantation, by Milo Schureman


Dear Norman

You came to our family as a friend of Fati. I still remember first time that I saw you Fati saying "If he asks me to marry him I will do it" After a few months you married with so much love in your new house. I watched your love grow in years. Milo and Kian made your connection even stronger. Your relation with Fati brought so much love and happiness between our both families.

I told you once "your house has magic" I still feel the magic of you and Fati in your house. The loss of your presence is unbearable, but your energy is here and that's what keeps on going. Your love will be for ever between our families.

your sister in law

By Fariba Ducro.


Norman - Elegy

normAll are gathered around the casket
Tears fall like raindrops
Staring at the frozen body of a man
Mourning the frozen body of a man
A man named Norman John Schureman.

The visitation room is opened
Some are more terrified than others
"I just want to see his living face one more time"
Says the new widow
About a man named Norman John Schureman.

One shot.
That's all it took
A kill in which all despise
Saddened by the death
Of a man named Norman John Schureman.

"He's not dead, he's just sleeping"
Sobs the mother-in-law.
All wonder how something like this
Could happen to
A man named Norman John Schureman.

More tears are shed
Norm changed everyone's lives
Everyone's best friend
That, he truly was
A man named Norman John Schureman.

Words are being written in his memoir.
His favorite songs being played.
While his hands are shriveled and shrunken
Like a hand submerged in water for ages
This is a man named Norman John Schureman.

New family members arrive
Coming happy, leaving sad.
Objects symbolizing happiness in his eyes
are placed by the man's side
A man named Norman John Schureman.

Suits and dresses drowned in tears
Tears from the angels in the heavens,
Down to hell, back up again,
And finally out of the eyes,
Onto a man named Norman John Schureman.

Many hours pass
The body lowered into the ground
His soul to rise into the clouds
And to be remembered in everyone's hearts
As a man named Norman John Schureman.

By Brandon Johannsen.


A Tragedy

normAsk anyone - friend, family, student, colleague - one word to describe Norman and they’ll tell you he was an inspiration. He inspired us to simplify our lives, as exemplified in his teaching methods; he taught us how to slow down, as in his meticulous gardening and love for all things in nature; he was badass with his pinky out, but a softie when it came to his wife, kids and pets. He truly left a lasting impression on everyone he spoke with. He converted run-of-the-mill starving artists into Art Center alums, inspired designers, industry influencers. Like I said: ask anyone. Norman was a mind. And he changed lives. Seeing him and Fatie together showed me that having a love as deep as theirs could get you through anything. He pushed Kyle to go to Art Center, he reassured me that Berkeley was where I belonged, and that he knew Kyle and I could make it despite being 300 miles away from each other. Sure enough, Kyle and I have continued our long-distance relationship, inspired by the bond Fatie and Norm had. I wish I knew you more, Norm. You will forever inspire us.

By Melody Akhtari.


We will all miss Norm and he will be in our hearts forever. I know he will be in mine. He was a hero and saved over 50 people that night. I looked up to him for everything, I tried to impress him every day. But now this tragic incident happened. We will miss him.

By Milo Schureman.


normLoss affects everyone at one point in life. There is no way to prevent it, or to bring our loved ones back. But we can all find comfort, even through this tragic time. My Uncle Norman lived his life to the fullest. He embraced every second, always full of fun, joy, laughter, and life. Nature was his best friend, aside from the wonderful family, friends, and students who surrounded him each day. I'm sure we all remember the oak tree, the magnificent tree in his backyard, which he loved more than anything. He introduced us to nature. Norm took us on our first camping trip, when Kian was just four weeks old. This was only the start of many more amazing adventures… Joshua Tree, Utah, Zion and Bryce, The Redwoods, Kauai, Malibu, and the mountains. We would hike and climb everywhere, sometimes even swim. One day, in Joshua Tree, Norm took us four wheel driving. He knew the terrain like the back of his hand, and blasted Alan Parsons as we drove through the desert. All of us got so close on those trips, Matt, Amy, Norm, Joe, Nazie, Kian, Milo, Brandon, and I.

There's so much we can learn from Norman, he was such a dynamic person, with love for everything from small lizards to our entire family. If there is anything we can learn from him, it is to express your love for everyone. Norm was full of love; he was tough and adventurous, but soft at the same time. Every time he left our house, he gave hugs and said, "I love you guys." And now, I understand why: you never know what might happen. So live each moment like it's your last, cherish every relationship, every hug with a loved one close. Because there are never too many "I love you's," in family. He was such a good person, and impacted every person so much, with his kindness, love and of course, adventure.

Uncle Norman always lived on the edge, seeking excitement at every corner. Usually, when we went camping, he would search under every rock, behind each bush in search of the hiding creatures. He loved animals, especially catching them. One thing I will always remember was one of our trips to Joshua Tree. We set out in the morning for a beautiful hike, on cloud-free day. Somehow, Brandon spotted a baby rattlesnake, the most dangerous kind. Norman lived for adventure like this, and of course, he tried to catch it, with his snake stick, one of his most prized possessions. That's just how he was, always leading every expedition, living for excitement.

Everyone will miss Norm. He was the most amazing brother, son, father, teacher, cook, mentor, artist, friend, person, and the best uncle I ever had. There are no words to describe how much he will be missed. But there is also no way to describe how he will live on forever, in the love he bestowed in each and every one of us.

By Jamie Johannsen.


normAs a sister and friend to norman I need to put my words in writing. Ive been humbled enough to know an artist and person who has inspired more people than I can even hope to aspire to. As a family member norman took us on explorations and adventures that were unique and memorable... Hiking in costa rican rainforests, singing alan parsons driving trough the alps, searching for grunions on pismo beach... The wonderful stories are endless... We had a mentor, a teacher, and friend exploring insects and nature, singing, and jacuzzi time... As a friend I was given the royal treatment as a confidant and amigo. Norman was someone I wish u all could have known and my family, friends, and students are lucky to have had him. He leaves the legacy of being an amazing father to a wife and two brilliant and beautiful children.. I'll luv him forever and will never forget the adventurous, intelligent, sponataneous, fun, mellow, and so many more boastful words about the best brother Ive ever known...

By Maryam Hadjian.


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